There is a very special week of events coming up for Green Week 2022 and we would like you to be involved in many ways.  As one very simple way to help, we are asking all of you to find a piece of old fabric eg an old shirt that maybe has a hole in it, cut out a triangle or two according to the sizing template below. and bring it into the box in college before 17th Feb, Your triangle will then be upcycled into beautiful bunting which will adorn the college during Green Week to let people know there are special events going on.
What we ask is really very simple and all you need is a scrap of fabric, a ruler and a pair of sharp scissors, It really will make a difference if everyone of us commits to making a triangle, we will have set of sustainable decorations for the college that represent us and what a green future means to us
How to:  
On the back of your fabric mark out a triangle , 16cm along the base and 20cm high. To get an even triangle measure 8cm along the base and draw a perpendicular line measuring 20cm, then join up the base to the points.
Carefully cut out the triangle, If you have an excess of fabric you could cut out several triangles of the same dimensions.  
Then just drop them into the box in college before half term and then look out for your triangle in the bunting during Green Week.
Thanks in advance!  

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