Green Charter

Biodiversity Policy

To protect the biodiversity, we have onsite by using organic methods to manage the grounds and by allowing areas to go wild or minimal management to allow animals and plants and other organisms to complete their lifecycle unhindered and undisturbed.

To increase biodiversity onsite by increasing the diversity of species, niches and habitats.

To protect our soil by using organic methods and reducing open grass cover onsite.

To educate all who enter Kinsale College about the world’s most important gift which is our living ecosystem and all the life contained therein.

To link food production with biodiversity issues and educating staff and students on the sustainability links between the two and continue the tradition of local food production and culinary skills in Kinsale

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Litter & Waste

To reduce litter and reduce the waste generated in the college.

To reduce waste going to landfill by diverting more waste to recycling and to compost all the organic matter onsite.

To highlight that recycling is not the best solution to waste management and to encourage a Zero Waste approach to our daily lives which is rooted in Permaculture principles that have existed since the 1970’s and on the course which has been taught here since 2001


To continue to reduce energy use in the college and investigate efficiencies across the campus.

To generate our own green electricity

 To highlight the hidden areas where energy is used that people are unaware of such as Data centres and fast fashion.