This project explores ideas of liminality with reference to borders both within landscape & cultural identity. Hina is a visual artist of Pakistani heritage who came to Ireland as a refugee. Both David’s and Hina’s work has a history of addressing this theme, and when the two met while in residence at Uillinn they formed the basis of this project. Taking a salt marsh in West Cork (Carrafeen / Harbour View), as core location they commissioned local inventor Elgin Loane to take some exploratory aerial shots of the marsh. These bear a remarkable resemblance to satellite images of the Pakistan / Indian border which has featured in much of Hina’s work. Hina drew some ideas around these and David developed some animations and video art / sound design from these. The idea of this project is to develop these ideas to produce a series of immersive installations that explore themes of belonging, identity and geographical borders. The marsh itself is a truly liminal space, it exists between the sea and the land, much as migrants do and using this as a canvas we have drawn connective lines of people and place.
Images show award-winning cinematographer Enda O’Looney shooting at Harbour View, West Cork for SALT

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